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Brother of the Month

#123 Ryan Park

University of Maryland

Class: Alpha Beta, Fall 2019
Nickname: TECHnique
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Salisbury, Maryland

“Food, Music, and Dance. What a time to be alive.”

The brothers of FDS recognize Ryan for his dedication to his role as warden, webmaster, strollmaster, and Fall ’21 class program assistant.

Fall 2021 New Member Spotlight

New Member Educator

#103 Tin Do


Program Assistants

#129 Michael Penafiel


#123 Ryan Park


The “Absolute Zero” Alpha Zeta Class

#133 Henly Kong


Big Brother: #115 Mr. Alan “Ballista” Wang

#134 Kevin Zhou


Big Brother: #110 Mr. William “PoLAris” Liu

#135 David Tan


Big Brother: #115 Mr. Alan “Ballista” Wang

#136 Darren Chang


Big Brother: #132 Mr. Ryan “DIABLO” Nguyen

#137 Colby Chung


Big Brother: #124 Mr. Patrick “louis/v” Tu

#138 David Zhang


Big Brother: #117 Mr. Zachary “FULL METAL” Dou

#139 Simon Nguyen


Big Brother: #124 Mr. Patrick “louis/v” Tu

We proudly present these honorable men who have dedicated their time and effort in learning the values of our fraternity and have proved themselves worthy of our letters. Congratulations to their first step into greek life as men of HONOR, VIRTUE, BROTHERHOOD.

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