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Brothers of the Month

#142 Suneet Prasad, #143 Andrew Lee

University of Maryland

Class: Alpha Eta, Spring 22
Nicknames: EQUINOX, kaneki
Majors: Criminology, Computer Science

Suneet has been an amazing Social Chair! Thank you for putting time and commitment into organizing fun and entertaining mixers for all the brothers.
Andrew has been a phenomenal Philanthropy Chair! Thank you for taking the lead and initiative in planning and executing our week-long philanthropy event, Uplifted Wings, to promote mental health awareness!

Spring 2022 New Member Spotlight

New Member Educator

#123 Ryan Park


Program Assistants

#128 Keri Zhou


#134 Kevin Zhou


The “AeTHerial” Alpha Theta Class

#145 Ryan Yu


Big Brother: #131 Mr. Johnson “koDak” Truong

#146 Tony Liao


Big Brother: #140 Mr. Zaz “Altair” Shiao

#147 Keshav Ganapathy


Big Brother: #120 Mr. Eric “Midas” Kim

#148 Nick Van


Big Brother: #138 Mr. David “TITAN” Zhang

#149 Daniel Taylor


Big Brother: #129 Mr. Michael “kamikaze” Penafiel

We proudly present these honorable men who have dedicated their time and effort in learning the values of our fraternity and have proved themselves worthy of our letters. Congratulations to their first step into greek life as men of HONOR, VIRTUE, BROTHERHOOD.

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