If you’re interested in gaining leadership experiences or being an entrepreneur, you may want to consider chartering to become a member of Phi Delta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.  We are an Asian-interest, but not Asian-exclusive, non-profit organization that was founded at the University of Maryland, College Park and provides leadership opportunities for the entire student body.

Chartering is the opportunity to establish a new chapter for a non-profit organization.  It is similar to starting your own business and gaining real life experience that can’t be learned in a classroom.  With support from local members and the national organization, you will have access to various resources and mentors to guide you throughout the process.

Phi Delta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. is a young but rapidly growing organization.  We have a network of over one-hundred members in ten different states and a second chapter at Brown University.  Our diverse organization was developed from our core values that revolve around brotherhood, community outreach, academic success and professional development.

We also promote our two philanthropies: Hepatitis B and Mental Health Awareness.  Asian Americans are at higher risk to Hepatitis B and are unaware of the disease.  Mental health is a taboo topic amongst college students and awareness is particularly overlooked.  Having to deal with, and learn from such experiences on one’s own is a situation we want to help eliminate.

Being a member of Phi Delta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. isn’t only an opportunity to build your network but also to forge bonds with all the members.  Membership doesn’t end when you graduate from college.  You will have access to all the internal resources and leadership opportunities as an alumnus.

If you are interested in forming an I.G. (Interest Group) on your campus and learning more about the traditions and values that Phi Delta Sigma Fraternity Inc. holds, please contact our expansion chair Aaron Kim at aaron.t.kim07@gmail.com for more information.

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