What is a Fraternity?

Fraternity is a word for brotherhood and by extension deep friendship or camaraderie. It is also an organization that allows you to meet and become closer to people with similar goals and visions.

What is Rush?

Rush is a couple of weeks filled with numerous events to learn more about the Greek community. By coming out to rush you are able to meet the Brothers and learn more about the Fraternity. We host various events so that you can have a great time but also be able to discover what our Fraternity is based on. You are not committed to the Fraternity by attending rush and do not have to pay for any of the events. ALL EVENTS DURING RUSH ARE FREE! Visit our Instagram or ask any active brother for more detailed information on this semester’s rush.

What is a Bid?

A bid is a formal invitation to begin the pledging process for membership of a fraternity or sorority that’s extended to rushees at the end of the rush period.

What is Pledging?

If a rushee receives and accepts a bid from the fraternity, he will begin the pledging process. Pledging is a period of time when one learns the history, the rituals, and the heritage of the fraternity or sorority. During the pledging process, pledges are required to complete certain activities and service events before being granted full membership.

How long will pledging take?

By university and our own standard, pledging will take up to 6 weeks starting from the time you officially become a pledge of Phi Delta Sigma. If you’re worried about the process taking too much time out of your personal and academic life, don’t be! Academic is one of our core values; during the pledging process, we try to promote academic excellence by holding study hours and instill a number of skills such as good study habits and proper time management.

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