Congratulations to our Fall 15′ “Omicron’s Eleven” Omicron Class!

Huge congratulations and welcome to our Fall 15′ Omicron class:

#65 Kevin “SEALS” Xu
#66 Chao “Deluxe” Liang
#67 Mark “Tabini” Chen
#68 Bryan “e.V.o” Dang
#69 Brian “casanova” Yang
#70 Austin “EXO” Kim
#71 Jason “Gambit” Chern
#72 Bowen “KHAN” Liu
#73 Richard “Cannon” Chen
#74 Brandon “candyman” Berry
#75 Ian “blak mAMba” Poe-Yamagata

We are so proud to announce our newly crossed Omicron Class. Over the past semester, these eleven boys have grown and changed as individuals, and have become not only men, but brothers of Honor, Virtue, and Brotherhood. We look forward to all of the great things you guys will do! Huge shoutouts to our New Member Educator, #58 David “Infinix” Ma, and our Program Assistant “#54 Alex “hyperion” Fang. Also, congrats to all of the bigs!

Congratulations to our Spring 15′ “Xi Lightning” Xi Class!

Huge congratulations to our Spring 15′ Xi class:

#59 Michael ‘archon’ Zhan
#60 Jason ’ember’ He
#61 Daiki ‘Silveos’ Watanabe
#62 Gerry ‘corsair’ Ma
#63 Alan ‘Artifact’ Nguyen
#64 Daniel “Decipher” Wu

These six have truly become men of Honor, Virtue, and Brotherhood. Welcome to the brotherhood, and we know that you all will accomplish great things. Big thanks to our New Member Educator, #29 Min ‘Jax’ Ahn, and our New Member Educator Assistant, #51 Andy ‘Kal’ Yee, for bringing us a great class, and a huge shoutout to all the bigs!

Congratulations to our “Nu World Order” Nu Class!

Congratulations to our newly crossed Fall 14′ Nu class: #54 Alex ‘hyperion’ Fang, #55 Adam ‘aceD’ Tann, #56 Andrew ‘Khalifa’ Chang, #57 Jimmy ‘talos’ Chen, and #58 David ‘Infinix’ Ma! Welcome to the brotherhood, we know that you’ll all do great things! Shoutout to our New Member Educator, #35 Jeff ‘mach’ Xu and, and our New Member Educator Assistants, #46 Eugene ‘Patroklos’ Kim and #48 Johnny ‘Primetime’ Lee, and a huge thanks to all the bigs!

Congratulations to our Spring 2014 Mu Spartans Mu Class!

CONGRATULATIONS, Spring 14′ MU CLASS: #50 Alex ‘NEMESIS’ Liu,, #51 Andy ‘Kal’ Yee,#52 Michael ‘Vendetta’ Chang, and #53 Loc ‘Ion’ Pham. We have seen you grown into a brother you are today, and we look forward to having you in our brotherhood. Shoutout to our New Member Educator,Thomas ‘vulcan’ Zhang and , New Member Educator Assistant, David ‘Joker’ Lee, along with all the bigs!

Spring 2014 Mu Rush

Come join the brothers of Phi Delta Sigma for rush week that begins next Monday, February 3rd! All the events are free with absolutely no obligations. For more information regarding rush, please go to Hope to see you there!

The End of the Fall 2013 Semester!

Thank you to all the organizations that were able to attend our Fall 2013 Banquet this weekend! As the semester comes to a close, we would like to express our appreciation for all the support we receive from friends of this fraternity, no matter how small it may be. We couldn’t have made it this far in our journey without the tremendous support over the years. We truly appreciate it and hope to make even bigger strides and accomplishing even greater things in the future. And a big shout out to this semester’s active house for overcoming the hurdles to officially gaining associate status in the United Greek Council!


Congratulations to the “Lambda Vortex” Lambda Class!

Congratulations to our newly crossed class — the “Lambda Vortex” Lambda Class! Welcome to the BEST brotherhood: #45 Matee ‘Onyx’ Kowl, #46 Eugene ‘Patroklos’ Kim, #47 Aaron ‘evrst’ Kim, #48 Johnny ‘Primetime’ Lee, and #49 Alex ‘Axiom’ Dao. We have seen you grow so much throughout the process, and are more than proud to finally call you our brothers. Special shout out to the PE, #25 Andrew ‘mercurus’ Li, and PA, #36 Thomas ‘vulcan’ Zhang.