27 Jan 2011

FDS Presents: Spring 2011 Eta Rush!

This Friday, Phi Delta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. begins the search for the next class! Do you have what it takes to join us as our 6th class, the Eta class?

Check out http://www.rushgreen.com for a detailed schedule of the rush. You can also contact one of our rush chairs at anytime for more information (numbers listed on the website). Remember, all events are EXTREMELY FREE!

We hope to see you all there, and good luck!

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12 Dec 2010

Clothing Drive: Pt. 2

This past Friday, the brothers of Phi Delta Sigma dropped off the clothes that were gathered during the clothing drive a couple of weeks ago at Shepherd’s Table, a local homeless shelter in Silver Spring. Thank you all for participating and helping out those in need, especially as the weather gets colder.

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29 Nov 2010

FDS Thanksgiving Dinner

Last Friday, the brothers of Phi Delta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. held the annual Thanksgiving Brotherhood Dinner, potluck-style. After a couple games of basketball, we all enjoyed a feast of great variety (wings and Filipino beef stew with rice? only with FDS!) followed by hours of quality bonding time through numerous games of pool, ping pong, Halo, and of course, watching football.

A big shout out to the Beta class brother #16 Jefferson “REz’n” Teng for providing the place.

We hope everyone had a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving!

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23 Oct 2010

Yami Yami Fundraiser

Phi Delta Sigma is holding a fundraiser at Yami Yami on Thursday, November 18, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Come enjoy delicious chicken bowl and refreshing bubble tea with the brothers and your friends!

As you order, help us raise money to support Hepatitis B awareness by saying “Hep B” at the cash register. A portion of the profits will be donated to the Hepatitis B Foundation.

We hope to see you all there and show us your support, we appreciate it! A big thank you to Yami Yami for making this fundraiser possible.

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17 Oct 2010

Light the Night Walk

On October 16th, the brothers of Phi Delta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. participated in Light the Night Walk fundraiser event in Washington, D.C. hosted by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. With the Freedom Plaza as the venue, people from everywhere come to pay tribute and bring hope to thousands of people battling blood cancers and to commemorate the lost ones.

Thanks to the support of many friends and family including our beloved alumni, Team Phi Delta Sigma was able to bring in a donation amount of $175.00! The proceedings will be used by The Leukemia  & Lymphoma Society to fund research that has contributed to major advances in the treatment of blood cancers and other types of cancer, such as chemotherapy and stem cell transplants.

We would like to thank everyone for their support, and we hope to see you around at the next Light the Night Walk!

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20 Sep 2010

Fundraiser at Panda Express!

Phi Delta Sigma is holding a Panda Express fundraiser at Stamp! Bring out all your friends and enjoy some delicious Chinese food THIS THURSDAY 9/23/10 from 4:00PM-7:30PM.

Support FDS’s fundraiser by bringing a panda flyer to the register! A portion of the profits will go to the Hepatitis B Foundation. Look for brothers passing out flyers at the event or you can print out a flyer yourself here.

We greatly appreciate your support and hope to see you all there!

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