19 Nov

Congratulations to our Fall 2018 “Psi-chotic” Psi Class!

FINALLY, introducing our Fall 2018 “Psi-chotic” Psi Class, crossed under the direction of #82 Mr. Vardhan “Northstar” Mehan and Program Assistants #90 Mr. Aidan “Hollow Point” Van Gieson and #95 Mr. William “ImperieX” Ju.
We are so proud of what you guys have accomplished in this past semester and it makes us proud to have been able to watch the 9 of you grow. Now that you are men of HONOR, VIRTUE AND BROTHERHOOD, wear our letters with pride.

Introducing the Psi Class!
#102 Ernev “PROMETHEUS” Sharma | Big Brother: #65 Mr. Kevin “SEALS” Xu
#103 Tin “DAVINCII” Do | Big Brother: #92 Mr. Royce “ArmaDa” Lee
#104 Danny “gucci” Cho | Big Brother: #76 Mr. Peter “horus” Cha
#105 Mike “Kratos” Mier | Big Brother: #81 Mr. Jason “QuickDraw” Luo
#106 Bernie “HYDRA” Zhong | Big Brother: #65 Mr. Kevin “SEALS” Xu
#107 Joel “APΞΧ” Zhang | Big Brother:
#108 Liam “Helios” Woo | Big Brother: #97 Mr. Jason “zephyr” Chiang
#109 Richard “makaveli” Chen | Big Brother: #87 Mr. Raymond “reflex” Bao
#110 William “PoLAris” Liu | Big Brother: #85 Mr. Justin “Sorcerer” Wu

Once again, a big congratulations to #82 Mr. Vardhan “Northstar” Mehan for crossing your class and to all bigs that picked up!

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