19 Nov 2018

Congratulations to our Fall 2018 “Psi-chotic” Psi Class!

FINALLY, introducing our Fall 2018 “Psi-chotic” Psi Class, crossed under the direction of #82 Mr. Vardhan “Northstar” Mehan and Program Assistants #90 Mr. Aidan “Hollow Point” Van Gieson and #95 Mr. William “ImperieX” Ju.
We are so proud of what you guys have accomplished in this past semester and it makes us proud to have been able to watch the 9 of you grow. Now that you are men of HONOR, VIRTUE AND BROTHERHOOD, wear our letters with pride.

Introducing the Psi Class!
#102 Ernev “PROMETHEUS” Sharma | Big Brother: #65 Mr. Kevin “SEALS” Xu
#103 Tin “DAVINCII” Do | Big Brother: #92 Mr. Royce “ArmaDa” Lee
#104 Danny “gucci” Cho | Big Brother: #76 Mr. Peter “horus” Cha
#105 Mike “Kratos” Mier | Big Brother: #81 Mr. Jason “QuickDraw” Luo
#106 Bernie “HYDRA” Zhong | Big Brother: #65 Mr. Kevin “SEALS” Xu
#107 Joel “APΞΧ” Zhang | Big Brother:
#108 Liam “Helios” Woo | Big Brother: #97 Mr. Jason “zephyr” Chiang
#109 Richard “makaveli” Chen | Big Brother: #87 Mr. Raymond “reflex” Bao
#110 William “PoLAris” Liu | Big Brother: #85 Mr. Justin “Sorcerer” Wu

Once again, a big congratulations to #82 Mr. Vardhan “Northstar” Mehan for crossing your class and to all bigs that picked up!

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24 Apr 2018

Congratulations to our Spring 18′ “Chi Cavalry” Chi Class!

Attention! Introducing our new Chi Cavalry Chi Class!
PC: Alio Graphics

PD: Austin Kim
PA(s): Jeff Zhao and Raymond Bao

#98 Jeff “Voyager” Wan | Big: Aidan Van Gieson
#99 Nick “Invictus” Guan | Big: Jason DeruLuo
#100 Forest “globetrotter” Wang | Big: Andrew Shin
#101 Carter “cAlIbeR” Cavalier | Big Jimmy Ho

A huge shoutout to Austin for crossing FOUR kids this semester. Also, a huge shoutout to the dedicated PA’s who worked with Austin to cross the new class. Last but not least, congrats to the Bigs who picked up! We know you will all be role models for your littles!

Congrats Chi class!!! We know you will do great things for the fraternity!

Also, if you are interested in viewing the probate, the link is available below:

PC: Alio Graphics

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13 Nov 2017

Congratulations to our Fall 17′ “Unbreakable Upsilons” Upsilon Class!

A big thank you to everyone that came to give a warm welcome to the newest brothers of our eternal brotherhood: The “Unbreakable Upsilons” Upsilon Class!

#92 Royce “ArmaDa” Lee | Big Brother: #66 Chao Li Ang
#93 Kane “BLITZ” Gui | Big Brother: #68 Bryan Dang
#94 Maxwell “PuLse” Hou | Big Brother: #75 Ian Poe-Yamagata
#95 William “ImperieX” Ju | Big Brother: #71 Jas O’Chern
#96 Yangyang “raiden” Cao | Big Brother: #69 Brian Yang
#97 Jason “zephyr” Chiang | Big Brother: #77 Jeff Zhao

We are incredibly proud of the six of you and how much you’ve grown throughout this semester. We can’t wait for the big things you all will accomplish in the future as brothers who will carry our letters proudly, and as men of Honor, Virtue, and Brotherhood.
A shout out and congratulations to our New Member Educator, Kevin Tran, as well as our Program Assistants, Vardhan Mehan and Justin Wu! Also, thank you and congratulations to the bigs for picking up!
PC: John Pham – Thank you John for taking photos for us!

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