24 Apr

Congratulations to our Spring 18′ “Chi Cavalry” Chi Class!

Attention! Introducing our new Chi Cavalry Chi Class!
PC: Alio Graphics

PD: Austin Kim
PA(s): Jeff Zhao and Raymond Bao

#98 Jeff “Voyager” Wan | Big: Aidan Van Gieson
#99 Nick “Invictus” Guan | Big: Jason DeruLuo
#100 Forest “globetrotter” Wang | Big: Andrew Shin
#101 Carter “cAlIbeR” Cavalier | Big Jimmy Ho

A huge shoutout to Austin for crossing FOUR kids this semester. Also, a huge shoutout to the dedicated PA’s who worked with Austin to cross the new class. Last but not least, congrats to the Bigs who picked up! We know you will all be role models for your littles!

Congrats Chi class!!! We know you will do great things for the fraternity!

Also, if you are interested in viewing the probate, the link is available below:

PC: Alio Graphics

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